samedi 7 mai 2016

My purple bungalow

Nearly one year I didn't post here... Time goes so fast !

Would like to show you the lovely dollhouse (diorama) I bought some time ago, fully hand made by Keera - Nerea Pozo in Spain. A very talented artist with gold fingers again.

samedi 8 août 2015

Nouvelles robes pour Lati Yellow, Pukifee ... New little Shabby dresses for the girls...

* 2 nouvelles petites robes pour les BJD Lati Yellow et Pukifee toujours dans le style Shabby. En espérant qu'elles vous plairont, elles sont disponibles en boutique :

I made two new dresses that I can sell since I am able to make the same again so if you like this sweet Shabby style, they are both available in my shop.


samedi 1 août 2015

Blue Little Cottage from the outside...

The lovely Blue Cottage is here !!

A very big thank to Dany for this super work again, it is just a deligh and I love the fine details and colors used, it is just all what I wanted, you're an Angel !!

I need to decorate it a bit more now and take pics from the "garden side", some lovely surprises are there too ...

lundi 13 juillet 2015

My little beach Cottage is nearly here !! Can't wait to receive it, decorate and have the dollies inside...

A big thank you to Dany who worked beautifully again, I am so glad to add this third piece of Art to my collection. I already have two adorable room box from Dany and I can say she is the best to make them, an incredible quality, stunning details and always a real pleasure to work with. Send you a big kiss Dany and your lovely team.

New tiny shoes for Lati White tiny foot ;-) fully hand made and adorable !


dimanche 5 juillet 2015

My new sewing machine and little creations of the day...

My old sewing machine got too old and didn't want to sew anymore so I bought a new one and I am ery happy about this choice cause it is a real pleasure to sew with it !

I began to make new miniature bedding sets and cushions again since it is all i am able to do for the moment lol ! But would be really happy if someone could show me how to make a dress for Lati Yellow, a simple dress would be fine to begin, Thanks for your help !

Here are some of my little creations that you can buy in my shop.

Patchwork and shabby bench sofas :

Cushions & Pillows

New Bedding sets :